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Thursday 29 November 2018

09:00 | OPENING CEREMONY Building 80 Swanston Academic Building, Level 7, room 1

09:00 | Welcome

09:05 | Introducing the Speaker

09:10 | Plenary Session - Keynote Speaker: Jill Garner
, Office of the Victorian Government Architect

10:10 | Questions and Answers

Architectural Science: Building Science and Built Environment Quality (II)

Building 80, Level 7, Room 9


11:00 | The influence of demographic and locational factors on occupants’ perception scores for their buildings, George Baird, Victoria University of Wellington [1191]

11:15 | Study on the thermal and visual performance due to highly reflective façade in Singapore, Marcel Ignatius, National University of Singapore [1231]


11:30 | Longitudinal field study of thermal comfort in a low energy mixed-mode building, Jungsoo Kim, University of Sydney [1193]



11:45 | Enhancing students' experience in real-time data collection and utilisation: A cloud-based post-occupancy evaluation app, Jin Woo, RMIT University [1209]

12:00 | Building with timber across Australian climatic contexts: an hygrothermal analysis, Arianna Brambilla, University of Sydney [1120]

12:15 | Measuring the Daylight Performance of Classrooms: Can a One Point Sensor Measurement Predict the Daylight Distribution within a Space? Aniebietabasi Ackley, Victoria University of Welington [1192]


Architectural Science: Architecture, Design and Environment (II)

Building 80, Level 7, Room 6


11:00 | Regeneration of unused buildings within Wellington to attract family living, in response to the Wellington demographic, April Tatnell, Victoria University [1122]

11:15 | Establishing a comprehensive database of construction material environmental flow coefficients for Australia, Paul-Antoine Bontinck, University of Melbourne [1166]


11:30 | Comparative Design Evaluation of Dementia Support Facilities in Victoria from the Perspectives of Carers, Hing-Wah Chau, University of Melbourne [1123]


11:45 | Smart Silver Towns: Prospects and Challenges, Sung Jun Kim, University of Melbourne [1125]



12:00 | Incremental Strategies for Suburban Densification, Tegan Wardle, Victoria University of Wellington [1188]


12:15 | Diversified façade architecture for optimizing air flow in tall residential buildings in tropics: A field investigation based on a literature Review, Supun Rodrigo, University of Moratuwa [1214]

12:30 | LUNCH

Architectural Science: Building Assessment and Evaluation (I)

Building 80, Level 7, Room 9


13:30 | Influence of wind on indoor convective floor heat transfer of single-sided naturally ventilated cubical enclosures, Tim Anderson, Auckland University of Technology [1234]

13:45 | A comprehensive model for quantifying the environmental and financial performance of cities, Andre Stephen, The University of Melbourne [1119]

14:00 | A Framework for Predicting Development Feasibility, Benjamin Coorey, Archistar, Australia [1219]


14:15 | Calibrating the energy simulation model of an aquatic centre, Jean Jonathan Duverge, RMIT University [1177]

14:30 | Communication and Participation in Virtual Environments, Shuva Chowdhury, Victoria University of Wellington [1262]

14:45 | The Importance of Site on House Heating Energy Modelling, Wendy Sunarya, Victoria University of Wellington [1127]

Architectural Science: Theory, Philosophy and Society

Building 80, Level 7, Room 6


13:30 | Tacit knowledge transfer for city design, Guillermo Aranda-Mena, RMIT University [1114]



13:45 | Ephemeral Crossroads: seven lamps, six years, seven lux-pavilions, Renata Jadresin Milic, Unitec Intitute of Technology [1104]


14:00 | Revenge of the fragmented metropolis, Lineu Castello
UFRGS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [1233]


14:15 | Suburban liveability in Melbourne: a narrative approach, Hao Wu, University of Melbourne [1221]


14:30 | Design with climate in ancient Rome: Vitruvius meets Olgyay, John Gelder, University of South Australia [1111]


14:45 | Learning from dense cities: Hong Kong spatial constructs as narratives, Guillermo Aranda-Mena, RMIT University [1112]

15:30 | Panel Discussion on Creating WELL Built Environments
Clare Gallagher, 

Ken-Yi Fong, Arup

Jack Noonan, International WELL Building Institute


18:00 | CONFERENCE DINNER Royal Botanic Gardens

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