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Friday 30 November 2018

09:00 | OPENING CEREMONY Building 80 Swanston Academic Building, Level 7, room 1

09:00 | Welcome

09:05 | Introducing the Speaker

09:10 | Plenary Session - Keynote Speaker: Prof Mat Santamouris,
Anita Lawrence Professor of High Performance Architecture, University of New South Wales

10:10 | Questions and Answers

Architectural Science: Building and Energy (II)


Building 80, Level 7, Room 9


11:00 | Investigating equivalence in compliance pathways to Australian housing energy efficiency, Timothy O’Leary, University of South Australia [1102]


11:15 | Review of Holistic Research on NetZero Energy Homes: Energy Simulation, Energy Monitoring, and Performance Improvement, Hong Xian Li, Deakin University [1109]


11:30 | NABERS – rating energy and water efficiency for apartment buildings, Paul Bannister, Energy Action [1137]



11:45 | User perceptions of building management systems in the continuous commissioning process, Cara Askew, Victoria University of Wellington [1255]

12:00 | Impact of the mitigation of the local climate on building energy needs in Australian cities, Ricardo Paolini, University of New South Wales [1269]

12:15 | Australian Commercial Buildings Window to Wall Ratios, Grace Sze-en Foo, Energy Action [1144]


Architectural Science: Cities and Outdoor Environments (II)

Building 80, Level 7, Room 6


11:00 | Developing experimental protocol for collecting large scale urban microclimate data through community participation, Priyadarsini Rajagopalan, RMIT University [1266]

11:15 | Seasonal Patterns of Thermal Stress in the Work Environment of Construction Workers in a Megaproject in Australia, Andrea Yunyan Jia, The University of Hong Kong [1107]


11:30 | Micro-climatic temperature trend as a basis of passive design for residential buildings, Avlokita Agrawal, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee [1304]


11:45 | Outdoor Neutral Temperature Assessment within Deakin University Campus at Melbourne City, Australia, Inji Kenawy, University of Salford, UK [1314]


12:00 | Designing functional urban open spaces: through user comfort & spatial analysis approach, Ruffina Thilakaratne, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong [1162]

12:15 | Mitigation of urban overheating in three Australian cities (Darwin, Alice Springs and Western Sydney), Shamila Haddad, University of New South Wales [1280]

12:30 | LUNCH

Architectural Science: Building Assessment and Evaluation (II) 

Building 80, Level 7, Room 9


13:30 | Energy Efficient Building Design using Building Simulation, Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm, Multiple Linear Regression and Monte Carlo Approach, Yang  Wei,Victoria University, Australia [1154]

13:45 | Factors that Affects Maturity Level of BIM Implementation in Indonesia; Case Studies of 5 Construction Key Actors, Dewi Larasati, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia [1160]

14:00 | The design orientation and shading impacts on rooftop PV economics in the urban environment: a case study in Melbourne, Australia, Hongying Zhao, RMIT University [1185]

14:15 | Using Virtual Reality and Participatory Processes to Design Interstitial Healthcare Places, Robyn Harkness, Victoria University of Wellington [1141]

14:30 | Pre-Occupancy Evaluation Tools (P-OET) for early feasibility design stages using virtual and augmented reality technology, Chin Koi Khoo, Deakin University [1242]

Architectural Science: Architecture, Design and Environment (III)

Building 80, Level 7, Room 6


13:30 | Towards a comprehensive hybrid life cycle inventory for Chilean building materials, Victor Bunster, University of Melbourne [1195]



13:45 | Prefabrication: New Zealand’s golden ticket? Annaliese Carolina Mirus, Unitec Institute of Technology [1217]



14:00 | Well-being in vertical cities: beyond the aesthetics of nature, Guillermo Aranda-Mena, RMIT University [1124]


14:15 | Assessing Design Value systems: fragmentation, competition, and crisis in a global industry, Peter Raisbeck, University of Melbourne [1249]


14:30 | Students’ perspectives on configuration design of universities’ informal learning spaces, Jia Zhang, Deakin University [1318]

14:45 | Annual General Meeting and Award Ceremony

15:45 | End

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